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25 Years

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Specialist Material Sourcing and Supply

Complementing our design and turnkey manufacturing capabilities, L&N Scotland have honed and developed our technical skills over 25 years’, allowing us to deliver “intelligent material sourcing and supply” services for the oil and gas industry.

L&N Scotland optimise the process of subsea grade material supply with consideration to our client’s technical specifications and service requirements, striving to ever increase product quality, whilst delivering sustainable cost reductions and minimised project risk.

Our specialist team of designers and engineers carry out a detailed assessment of client requirements including potential cost-out opportunities, product and material substitutions, as well as design for manufacture attributes prior to specifying and proposing any materials for consideration and further commercial evaluation.

We strongly believe that our experience in subsea material procurement, coupled with our practical welding and manufacturing based knowledge, allows us to provide an unsurpassed material sourcing and supply service. Utilising our in-house manufacturing and fabrication facilities, L&N Scotland can also produce finished products where required, and work closely with our clients to develop robust material specifications and strategic sourcing processes for use within the supply chain.

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